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Terms and Conditions


In order to make use of the services provided at, one has to go through the terms and conditions and make sure to obey them. You can simply visit the official page at to accept the terms and conditions.

Be cautious while going through the terms and conditions and try to understand them clearly. When you are making use of services offered by or anything related to it, irrespective of whether it is included in the website or not, but you are supposed to agree to the terms and conditions that are affiliated with the company.

Privacy policy

It is highly recommended to go through the privacy policies when you visit our official portal This will clearly help you to understand everything in detail.

Terms and conditions are applicable to all purchases

Every order is deemed an offer especially for you to purchase the products. You will receive a confirmation either through email or as an SMS to your mobile phone informing that we have accepted your offer which has been specified in the order. Each and every confirmation that we do on our offers is directly applicable to the conditions on your assets with respect to the terms and conditions of the sale. The terms and conditions that we mention here are only applicable.

Electronic Communication

Electronic communication processes when you would like to reach us either by visiting our official website at or when you directly send an email. Even product review and power response will be in an electronic format that could be either by sending an email or posting information on our site. Well, you are bonded to accept all notices, agreements, disclosure as well as other forms of communication that we do electronically accept any sort of legal requirements that such communication be in writing.


Whatever price we have quoted on products can be changed without any prior intemation. The company is responsible to provide price protection for certain products which are applicable only to return and refund options. You will be clearly informed if there are any price changes are applicable to the particular product that you have ordered before the shipment. However, the product will not be shipped until and unless you provide a confirmation. In addition to that, the posted prices are included with all taxes and external charges. On the other hand, if there are any additional charges applied to a product then be clearly specified then on our website.


A product is said to be shipped once after we have successfully received your payment status where there is an exception only when you choose Cash on delivery/COD mode. We instantly accept payments via cash, check, draft, debit card, credit card, net banking, mobile payment, and cash card. We also offer you to make your payments through EMI option.

Shipping and Handling

We completely take care to ship your product to the given address. Moreover, the shipping schedules are just an estimation upon which we never guarantee them. We are not responsible if there is any delay in the shipment. Both the title as well as the risk of loss and damage receives on to you once the product has been delivered to you. Due to some issues related to logistics partner we never encourage any sort of reverse shipment.

Return of product by the customer

Our company’s Management accepts the return of items or products. We take into consideration the products which are wrong delivered, defective, incomplete package, wrong item and so on. The return product is accepted if and only if the product is in its original state.

All the products sold on can be replaced. Even the replacement process is executed depending upon the conditions that are given here.

  1. Our company shall always take the responsibility to replace the product. However, Aazacus reserves the right to replace the product if in case the product is discontinued by the manufacturer or if it is out of stock.
  2. The company accepts a replacement of a product that has a manufacturing defect or if the product has been damaged during shipping.
  3. Starting from the invoice table it takes 7 days to replace the product. On the other hand, the non-functional products and its related issues are directly handled by the brand's service center who further consider it as DOA issued and make the replacement process easy.
  4. If there is any defect or non-functioning of the product has been detected, then the customers are liable to inform us.
  5. If the customer fails to inform Aazacus within 48 hours of time then the company has full responsibility to refuse or reject your complaint to your request.
  6. If the company identifies the defect of a particular product then we instantly proceed with the replacement process without any additional charges.
  7. We have complete authority to ask the customers to provide images of the item that includes both internal as well as external packing material.

The return policy is not applicable for perishable products that include chocolates, flowers, cakes and so on when sold from our platform. If in case you have any problem with these products then you are requested to read the customer care representatives within 24 hours. However, the company takes responsibility to settle the dispute and in most cases, there is no assurance that we are there to replace or refund the item.

Similarly, damage caused due to both wear and tear or given due to the negligence of the customer or digital products such as ebooks are never returnable.

Change and cancellation

If there are any quality for particular changes need to be applied for an order then we take into consideration depending upon the order details. Perhaps all the sales are finalized with respect to the item cancellation and quality reductions are executed before shipping the product. If in case our credit department fails to approve your credit then we have complete authority to either cancel or reject your order before shipment. Same is the case if we find any other issues related to the payment process that you have opted.

Cancellation of an order by Aazacus

The following are the rights reserved by the Aazacus having full access to other refuse or cancel a product based on the following reasons:

  1. When the item(s) you ordered is out of stock.
  2. Technical issues while dealing with pricing information.
  3. Any payment problems, edited by the Fraud Detection Department.

These are applicable no matter whether your product is confirmed or its payment has been successfully made. In such cases that company takes responsibility to refund your money prior.

Note- We may go through a verification process or ask for further information before we place your order. Our executives will contact you if in case we require any further information is needed to either cancel or accept your order request.

License and website access

General: There is only limited license provided by the company to either access or make use of the website and we do not encourage any download or modification or do anything with respect to the

No license for commercial sale: Aazarus strictly confirms that our website never entertains any commercial or resale. Moreover, we do not encourage the use of the item or product listing, copying the content, description for other users or even make use of a website in any possible ways.

No reproduction: It is clear to everyone that our a website is a non-reproductive, and it is highly advised not to copy, duplicate, visit, sell or even exploit it for any reasons.

No framing: We do not entertain people who make use of framing or its technology to make use of logos, trademark or even property information such as image, page layout, text and form express written consent.

Meta tags:'s has its fixed meta keywords that should not be used by others even the trademarks should not be used without any express written consent of

Your account

Protection of your account: It is completely your responsibility to maintain the privacy of your account including your password. If the information is shared with others or used fraudulently, then you are solely responsible for it.

Used by children: We strongly say that Aazacus never entertain any product, especially for children instead we have products for adults. The customers aging 18 can use our website under the guidance of parents. Aazacus including its affiliations has authority to terminate an account, refuse services, edit or remove content in their soul discrimination.

Gift Voucher/Wallet/Prepaid Credit (the "Credit")

  1. Remember the credit card is never exchanged either for cash or cheque.
  2. The entire amount of credit can be applied to only a single account with respect to the company.
  3. and are the only platforms where you can redeem your credits.
  4. As a credit card holder is said to utilize the advantages.
  5. At the credits cannot be used along with other promotional offers.
  6. The individual customers will receive an email of gift vouchers.
  7. These vouchers are valid only for 6 months starting from the date of purchase. Based on the customer’s choice your gift voucher can be mailed once the order has been processed.

Reviews, Comments, Communications, and other content

Nature of content: People who visit have full access to either post reviews or comment this also includes adding content, sending cards and other communication; and can also send ideas, suggestions, queries or any other information. We encourage all these if and only if the entire content is illegal without any obscene, invasive of privacy, threatening or infringing of intellectual property rights that will otherwise affect the third party or objectionable and should not contain any software virus, commercial solicitation, political campaign, mass mailing or something related to spam.

False information: The customers are strictly warned not to use any false email ID, imitate others or their entity or otherwise mis guide or provide any illegal information. If such information is found has some reserved rights to remove it.

Rights granted: We will warn you if there is any unnecessary content been posted and your current and its affiliates a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensed to make use of, published, reproductive, modified, adapted, translated, create derivative work from, distribute, and project such information via media. Moreover the grant including its affiliated websites along with sublicense the right to use the name that you submit in concerned with such contents if in case chooses.

Rights owned: You should be responsible for the content that you post on the website, making sure that it is accurate without violating this policy and should be harmless either to an individual or business making sure that you take complete responsibility of the information that you have posted on Aazacus keeps an eye on the information that you post and is never responsible for anything that you post.

Risk of loss

Every product you order via is shipped based on a contract. Therefore any damage or risk of Lost is directly subjected to the delivery services.

Product description

Aazacus and its affiliated members provide description making sure that it is as accurate as possible. There is no warranty regarding the product description or any content provided in the site are complete, accurate, error free or reliable. The product exhibited by the company is never a description and its sole remedy is to return when it is in an unused situation.

Site policies, severability, and modification

We highly recommend going to all of our policies. At any time we may implement changes are there in our website or policies or even in the terms and conditions. If in case any of such conditions are said to be void, invalid or for a particular reason and enforced be considered to be deemed severable which does not have any effect on the validity and enforceability of any other conditions.

Intellectual property rights

Copyright protection: Every information on the website including images, content, visuals, graphics or any other information handled by the company or even the Indian Copyright law takes its responsibility. The entire content posted on the website is the property that belongs to only which is also protected by Indian Copyright law. Including the software used on this website belongs to and is protected by Indian Copyright law. Aazacus disclaim copyirghts on the base website solution on which the website is built however the content is the copyright of Aazacus.

  1. Protected graphics: No one has legal permission to use logos, page header, graphics, script as well as service name that is used by and are considered as trademarks of the company. Moreover, other trademarks that are advertised on the website are affiliated with the respective owners who made or may not have any Association with respect to the Aazacus.

Governing law and Jurisdiction

There are some terms and conditions that are based on the law of India. In case of any material disputes with respect to the function terms and conditions for any other conditions related to the website then the court in Indore, Madhya Pradesh takes the jurisdiction.

Discrimination of warranty and limitation of liability

The entire website is constructed by on following both "as is" and" as an available rule. However, the website never represents or provides a warranty regarding any sort of, implied or express regarding anything that has been reflected on the website. You are solely responsible no matter how you make use of the website. Considering all the permissible applied, by law, Aazacus represent all the warranties, implied or express that include, but not limited to, applicable warranties of merchantable as well as fitness for any purpose. Moreover, the company does not guarantee that the emails or messages send by Aazacus are virus free. And Aazacus shall never take the responsibility of the liabilities for any damage caused due to the website that includes, but is not limited to indirect, direct, punitive, consequential damages and incidental.