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Refund and Cancellation


Whenever you purchase anything via online you surely like the product. In some unexpected cases, you may not like it, therefore, your search for a refund option. At Aazacus we also offer refunds as well as cancellation options in case you are not satisfied with the product that we have delivered. The return policy is considered as a scheme where we take the complete responsibility of either exchanging or replacing or even refunding the product that you have selected.

You have to note that all the products listed on our website are not affiliated under the refund and cancellation policy. For each and every product available for sale on our website prevail over the general refund policy. Before you could purchase the product make sure whether it obeys refund and cancellation policies or not. Basically, the return policy has been classified into three various divisions. The customers are highly advised to go through each and every detail before placing an order.

  • 1. Category, return window and action possible

    1. Products including accessories, clothing, watches, glasses, and footwear have a refund policy of 07 days along with replacement and refund options imposed on them.
    2. For items such as sportswear, traveling accessories, foot accessories, home, furnishing supplies have a return policy of 07 days which are refunded or replaced.
    3. Considering all the electronics as well as home appliances also have a return policy of 07 days and they are only replaced once.
    As soon as you find any issue with our products makes sure to contact our customer care representatives and / or write to us at We immediately respond to your issue and also try to resolve thereby troubleshooting your product, by making use of online tools, telephone conversation or sending our representative to resolve the issue. Our technicians go through the product and examine it to determine if there is any defect. If so the return window will be applicable and we make sure to replace the product without any additional charges. On the other hand, if there is no defect detected by our technicians within 10 days of delivery, your issue will be handled by the brand service center. The replacement of the product shall be processed only once.
    1. Apple and Google products include all electronic gadgets are provided with the 10-day replacement option. If you still have any problem you can call our customer care representatives who are available 24 by 7 at (Mobile / call center number) to answer your queries between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. We instantly make sure to settle your disputes without any further complications.
    2. In case of try and buy products we offer 10 days refund facility and this is applicable for some selected items only. So make sure that you go through the detailed description to know whether the item you select has refunded option or not. The items that are clearly specified as "Try And Buy" fall under this category. In this product, we only provide you with replacement option.
  • 2. Return pickup and process

    Once we receive a return request from you, the product will be picked up from the delivered address. If in case you would like to change the address, please check whether the pickup services are available in that locality or not. While we pick up the product from you we make sure to examine the following specifications.

    1. Correct Product

    Before we pick up the product we would like to cross-check the product details such as serial number, product name, barcode, brand, and image. We do not accept it if the MRP price tag has broken or if it is not clear.

    1. Complete Product

    If in case you have ordered a product that has multiple component, such as mobile phone, we make sure that you return all its accessories including charger, headphones and instruction manual that you have received after placing the order. This is that you should return the product as the way we have delivered you.

    1. Unused Product

    More the product you request for return service should be unused, good condition, without spoiling, and unwashed. We do not accept products that have stains or if tempered quality check seals or warranty seal is missing. Before we accept gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops it should be completely formatted along with no screen locks.

    1. Undamaged Products

    While considering products such as headphone ports, charger ports, phone panels and so are accepted only if they are undamaged. This means the product must be in good condition without any scratches, breakages or holes.

    1. Undamaged Packaging

    Whenever we deliver a product it is well packed. So when you return it, make sure that the package is undamaged.

    If a product fails to meet the above-mentioned conditions then you are not eligible to refund, return or even replace a product. The product specified as a refund will be applicable once the returned product reaches the seller.

Basic rules for a successful return

There are some basic rules that the product need to be obeyed so as to permit a successful return option.

  1. Based on the above conditions, if in case the seller fails to replace your product then you are permitted to refund it.
  2. Refund is applicable when you either receive a wrong product or if the product is damaged or if it is not in good condition. If you opt to make your payment why are cash on delivery then you are refunded on the spot. There will not be any return option if you have accepted and open box product and in this case, we only take into consideration if it has manufacturing defects. Return and replacement are applicable only if we have clearly specified it.
  3. In case if you have ordered products that require installation you are not allowed to open the package. Our technicians will reach you soon and will unbox and then install the product.
  4. If it is an issue related to any product such as furniture, then our authorized Service Provider will immediately contact you. After examining the problem we either replace or refund the product that you have received. A complete replacement option is applicable to a product only if the service executive finalizes that the product requires full replacement.