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We know that your shopping expedition is what has brought you to land to our page and we truly respect the amount of trust that you’ve put in us. We couldn’t have been happier than having you as one of our valued customers. This relationship between us is not just a commercial one but we would like it to extend beyond that too as trustworthy and social. We place immense concern and respect in our prized and important customers and that is why we always work hard so as to make everything very smooth and hassle-free for you. We know that the money you spend on ordering from our website is really hard earned and so we insist on setting high standards for secure and able transactions. Also, the sensitive information that you share with us is really personal and of high importance to our customers and that is why we place higher important in customer privacy information policy.

In order to know more about our privacy policy please goes through the following statements so as to be clear about the information gathering and dissemination practices that we follow and abide by.

Important Notice:

We are authorized to change our privacy policies at any time without any prior notice. Before you indulge in a satisfying and happy shopping experience with us please make sure that you’ve read all our policies and regulations and also try to review them periodically unless your order is delivered or is in the process of shipping.

Before you order from our website, it is important that you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. If any time while in the process of clarification about our website, you feel that you do not agree to any of them, then it’s a humble request that you do not access or use our website. When you use our website or simply order something on it, you agree to our privacy policies and so are abided by the terms of its use. Whenever you have ordered a product from our site we assume that you agree with our privacy policies.

Disclosing Of All Your Personal Information And Other Information Over The Website

When you visit the website and enter your personal information on it, we store that information and use it from time to time. We do so in order to enhance your experience with our website and make it easy, smooth and efficient enough for you. It results in us providing you with services and features that can meet your needs and demands and provide you with customized experience with a much more relishing and safer experience. While doing so we collect all the necessary information we require so that we can achieve this purpose.

When you first visit our website, you can browse and surf through it without revealing any of your personal information or any other such details. Once you’ve landed on an item that you want to purchase, this is when you have to enter your personal information like your email id, phone number, delivery address, and pin code. While entering your personal details, all the asterisk marked fields are the ones that are important and you cannot forward without filling them while the other not so important fields can be left blank as well. However, you can always move forward without using a particular service of ours or any such field that you are not comfortable in disclosing. With all the information that you provide us with, we track your details for an internal research based on the user’s demographics, interests, and behavior on the website. This information like the URL that you used to refer to our website, the URL that you next flip to, your browser information and your IP address help us to compile and analyze the data on the aggregated basis.

We also employ the use of Cookies on our website for certain reasons. Cookies are some small files that are already placed on your hard drive which help us to provide you with our certain services. Some features on our website can only be studied through the use of these cookies. For example, we use cookies that allow you to enter the password less frequently during some sessions. They mainly help to maintain a smooth workflow. These cookies help us to analyze your interests also so that we can easily help you with relevant product, services or offerings. Most of the cookies employed by our website are the “session cookies” that are automatically deleted and removed from your hard drive after you close the session or change the URL. There is always a popup that asks for you to accept or decline to our cookies and you are free to choose any one of them. However, if you decline the use of cookies you might not be able to use some of our features of the website and you are then required to re-enter the password more frequently during a particular session.

Not only this, but there are some third party cookies that are also encountered on our websites that have no relevance to our website. Those cookies can be declined too as we do not control any of the third party cookies.

For other information, it all depends on the fact that what kind of relationship do you want our website to serve you with. For example, if you want to buy something from our website then we collect important information depending on your buying behavior. If you want to undergo a transaction with our website then we need to collect some other information like the shipping address, your credit or debit card information like the card number, expiry date, CVV and the name on the card. You also have to enter the OTP sent to your registered number with the bank. This information helps us to track the information about your card details. You can also save your card details on our website so that the next time you buy something with us you do not have to enter your card details again.

If you want to chat with our experts and post messages about our products on our different message boards or leave any feedback, then we provide you with different information. This information helps us to resolve the disputes, provide the required customer support and arrange for the necessary troubleshooting of the problems under the regulation of the Indian constitution. If you send us any letters or emails or anything in relevance to personal correspondence then, we make a file specific for you and file all the information over there.

While you set up a free account with us then, we collect information like email address and phone number from you so as to send you important notifications about our website. When you browse through some sections and find something of use for you that is when we ask for some confidential information like credit card details and shipping address.

The Effective And Legal Use Of You're Personal Information

We ask for your personal information only to enhance your user experience with us and to make everything smooth and easy for you. We assure that the provided information will not be used for any kind of unethical and/or illegal activities and we abide by our terms and conditions.

In case of our App installed on your mobile phone, you provide us your number for SMS notifications, your location, call history and access to other numbers in the directory. We might also ask for your PAN or Aadhaar details to check your eligibility for the use of some of our products and services. We can also use your IP address, demographic information and contact information as well. This data helps us to tailor the needs of our customers and help them display the contents according to their preferences.

Other Necessary Information

There may be some other necessary information that you need to keep in mind. A brief is listed below Here We would be happy to know if you can help us improve this list.

  1. The personal information accessed can help you rely on our services. We do not provide the details to a third party and so we comply with the user agreements tailored by us.
  2. We do not link your information to any third website and so if you’re personal information is leaked out to a third party; we will not be held responsible to it.
  3. We believe in keeping everything right from your browsing situations to the transaction sessions as secure as it can be. The information provided to us is protected against any unauthorized access.
  4. You can always opt out from our promotional and marketing related communications even after setting up the account.
  5. We allow third-party companies to serve with ads while you’re enjoying a session on the website. This might use some of your information for certain advertisements about goods and services provided to you.
  6. The information you disclose to the website is in accordance with the privacy policy and so is under the consent of usage of our website.
  7. Cookies are some session expertise that helps in tracking your activity on our website. We do display cookies from time to time on our website but it is only meant to enhance your experience with us.

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