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We at Aazacus understand the value of your money and the eagerness that you want to decorate your home, kitchen and wardrobe. So we provide you with the best of our services as a token of appreciation for choosing us to be your partner in style. We would try to help you out with all our potential so that you receive every information that you desire to obtain.

Our delivery and shipping services are one of the best of their kind and we try to incorporate every small detail that we can so that our customers are satisfied and content with our services. You can get all the information about our shipping and delivery from this section. Our FAQs help you to track your order and get your delivery on time.



Everything you want to know about delivery charges

Since we deliver small items such as mobile to huge items such as refridgerators, it is obvious that different delivery charges will apply. Additionally, the variation in delivery charges are commonly due to the sellers and shipping service provider we opt for. At times, same product may have different price because of the seller you choose. The price of a product mainly depends on the distance of your delivery address and the shipping address. For the same reason, higher delivery charges are incurred for low-value items otherwise they have to incur different logistic charges as well. For example, for orders below or up to INR 500, a normal delivery charge for INR 40 is charged. For orders above INR 500, there are no delivery charges incurred.

Why does it happen that the delivery rate doesn’t correspond to the delivery timeline of the stipulated business days?

This might be a common occurrence that the sellers or the different courier partners might have a holiday on the day that you’ve placed the order on and the date of delivery. This is entirely based on timelines that are shown on the product pages. In order to create a broader spectrum, we generally add a day to the estimated day for various such reasons. Like some sellers or the courier partners do not work on Sundays and it then disturbs the factor of your delivery dates.

What is the general estimated time of delivery?

On the general basis, the sellers generally ship the product within the business days estimated on the product page. These business days are exclusive of public holidays and Sundays. Only in certain cases, the product is delivered after the estimated delivery date like you were unavailable to receive the product, some serious problem occurred with your order and many more. Certain reason on which the estimated delivery date depends includes:

  1. the seller who is packing and delivering the product
  2. the availability of the product with the seller
  3. the shipping address of the customer and the distance between the shipping location and the location of the seller

What are the hidden costs incurred on the order?

For orders on Aazacus there are no hidden charges on your order. All the prices are inclusive of taxes like GST, shipping charges and other costs. The final price is inclusive of all the other charges. In simple words, the final price that is visible on the product page is the amount that you have to pay. Even the delivery charges are not hidden and are already included in the final price or the final amount that you have to pay. In some cases the delivery charges are displayed on the page itself depending on the item.

Why does the estimated delivery time be different for each seller?

It generally happens that the same product, when viewed with different sellers, have varied delivery dates. Such things occur due to the following reasons:

  1. the distance between the shipping address of these sellers and the your address
  2. the number of orders for the same item for the seller (for one seller the inventory is low and orders are higher vs the other seller, it may impact the shipping process)
  3. the availability of that product with the seller
  4. the geographical location of the seller

The particular address that you added is not serviceable by the seller?

Before the checkout, you should always add the pin code and see if the seller delivers at your address. If it shows the estimated time of delivery then the product can be delivered at your address and if it doesn’t, there will be a popup message reading that the product is not delivered to the entered pin code If you haven’t added the pin code of your shipping address at the time of order, then serviceability will be checked at a later stage by our seller partner or the shipping partner.What happens next if not servicable?

There are various reasons that determine whether a product is delivered at your product or not:

  1. if the seller ships at your location
  2. the restrictions suffered legal or geographical in shipping the items to your location
  3. the reliable and trusted courier partners that provide the services to your location

Why am I not able to get cash on delivery option for my order?

The CoD or the Cash on delivery option depends on the presence of the reliable courier partner that provides the service at your location with the option of paying cash at the time of delivery. The cash amount that can be paid for a particular order during the time of delivery depends on your location, the final amount at the time when you placed the order and your pin code. After you enter your pin code you can easily find out if CoD is available at your location or not.

If did not like the item I purchased and I want to return it. How do I arrange for an order pickup?

You can easily return the product you’ve just bought. All you have to do is to click on the return option and arrange for a pickup at your convenience. You can also contact us on our support number and initiate your return. A particular return processing partner would come and pick up the product after checking it for any tampering. We would request you to please check return policy for the kind of tampering / damages we check the products.

Are these products available internationally?

As of the current scenario, we do not ship outside India to international locations. But you can order any product while you’re sitting anywhere in the world with your +91 phone number but the address of delivery of your product should be in India. We are available here to serve you the best and you may contact us to get more information or for any clarification at any point.